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For heaven's sake (season 16)

Mayor Wolfgang Wöller (Fritz Wepper) has an unbeatable business idea - "Poker", "Blackjack" and "Roulette" are to enter the venerable monastery Kaltenthal. Actually, he promised to no longer power struggle with sister Hanna (Janina Hartwig) and the monastery, but surprisingly, he is openly listening to his new purchase offer with the Mother Superior (Nina Hoger).

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Der Bergdoktor - Christian Kohlund new in the team!

In May the shooting for the 11th season of the successful series started. In addition to Hans Sigl and the further, unchanged maincast, team and ensemble is...

"Die Bergretter" - Shooting of Season 9 started!

Six new episodes of the successful series are in the making this year. Currently, the team around director Jorgo Papavassiliou is shooting at the Kaunertal...

"Das schweigende Klassenzimmer"

Lars Kraume is directing for Akzente Film in Berlin and Eisenhüttenstadt.Shooting started on February 21st, 2017. Director Lars Kraume also wrote the script...

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