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TV Series | Crime Comedy

Alles Klara (season 3.2)

starting - March 28th, 2017 - tuesday at 6.50 pm on DasErste

Klara Degen (Wolke Hegenbarth), the charming secretary, has become an essential part of the investigation department Harz. 

TV Series | Family Entertainment

Der Bergdoktor (season 10)

Starting January 12th, 2017 - Thursdays at 8:15 pm on ZDF

With an average of over 7 million viewers, "Der Bergdoktor" is currently the most successful German TV series. In January 2017 the 10th season will be on air!

TV Series | Crime Thriller

Morden im Norden (season 4)

Finn Kiesewetter and Lars Englen are now investigating between North Sea and Baltic Sea on mondays! States Prosecutor Rassmussen leaves the team, and right from the beginning, her successor Dr. Hilke Zobel (Proschat Madani) makes clear, that things will change. Also Mrs. Schwartenbeck leaves the team. The new one is Julia Schaefle as Nina Weiss.

Iceland-Crime -- twice daily victory and soon on DVD!!!

Franka Potente excelled in the role "Solveig Karlsdottir" directed byTill Endemann in two successful Iceland thrillers.  "Death in...

The most successful series on german Pay-TV "Heimatkanal"

Place 1 to 3 for ndF Productions! "Der Bergdoktor", "Forsthaus Falkenau" and "Die Bergretter"

"Dan Sommerdahl" - ndF: secures film-rights to best-sellers of Anna Grue

The bestselling book franchise Dan Sommerdahl will be adapted for television screens. ndF, Nordisk Film and Dynamic Television have joined forces to...

"Um Himmels Willen" - Season 16 will be on screen in May 2017!

Fritz Wepper, Janina Hartwig, Nina Hoger and their collegues were shooting 13 new episodes. The 16th season will be shown appr. in May 2017.  For further...

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