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ndF joins in international series production "Farewell Shanghai"

translated from "Blickpunkt:Film" (18.10.2017)

When other countries had closed their borders for a long time, Shanghai became a shelter for Jewish refugees from Europe before and during the Second World War. The TV series "Farrewell Shanghai", created by Romanian director and screenwriter Radu Mihaileanu, tells this true story. The project was presented at mipcom in Cannes and will be realized as a co-production between Germany, China, France and Australia.

ndF is the German partner in this international enterprise. CEO Eric Welbers: "Radu Mihaileanu is an extraordinary talent and 'Farewell Shanghai' will combine the universal topics that permeate his entire work - identity, love, music, exile and the fragility of human existence when confronted with the chaos of history."

"Farewell Shanghai", an adaptation of Angel Wagenstein's novel of the same name, is set in the years 1938 to 1945 and tells the story of a group of European Jews who had fled there before the Holocaust. The series, which is to be produced in a longer version also for the Chinese market, will be shot in English on location in China.

Quelle: Blickpunkt:Film

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