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Der Bergdoktor (Mountain Medic)

© Susanne Sigl

Dr. Martin Gruber gives up his job in New York City and returns back to his hometown in the Alps. More or less forced by circumstances, he sets up a practice in the mountains. He must now come to terms with his family, including his resentful brother and the daughter he never knew he had. However, the charming doctor finds excitement, adventure and fulfilment in the many medical challenges he encounters every day in the Alps.
‘Mountain Medic’ is a medical drama series composed of personal and professional topics, with a strong regional setting. The show’s personal approach results in a gentle pace and emotional depth, which is highly favored by the audience. This number one format is already renewed through season 10 and airs prime time on ZDF.
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Um Himmels Willen (For Heaven's Sake)

© DasErste/Barbara Bauriedl

Sister Hanna is spirited and warmhearted, but nevertheless, also resolute, witty and attractive. She is well-versed in even the most difficult religious questions, but she is also open-minded in all other worldly matters. She takes charge of Kaltenthal Cloister, transforming it into a popular refuge. She lightens up the sleepy provincial community, which leads to discontent with her great rival and opponent, Mayor Wolfgang Wöller, who leaves a clear mark on the local politics. The two of them solve their conflicts in a very original way and, above all, with a great sense of humor.
‘For Heaven's Sake’ is a family TV series produced since 2002 and at this time 15 seasons were shot and broadcast on Das Erste. The series features the internationally praised actor Fritz Wepper, known from the hit series ‘Derrick’.  
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Die Bergretter (Alpine Rescue)

© ZDF/Thomas Schumann

Extreme climber Andreas Marthaler joins his pal Stefan Hofer, head of the Alpine Rescue, on a dangerous mission. But Stefan gets deadly injured and begs his friend to take care of his family and his farm. Andreas keeps promise and also replaces his friend in the rescue team. He finds himself in the midst of a challenging new life between family drama and heroic rescue missions.
‘Alpine Rescue’ brings feature film mountain thrills to TV and has already been renewed through season 7. The series develops the horizontal storyline of the rescue team, their personalities and social interactions. However, each episode delivers a unique, dramatic rescue operation in a spectacular mountain setting, keeping the audience on the edge of their seat.  
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Alles Klara

© DasErste/Hardy Spitz

Secretary Klara Degen becomes an indispensable part of the Harz team of detectives, led by chief officer Paul Kleinert. Although her boss wants to solve his cases individually, it is no secret that the charming secretary chases murderers better than doing the actual office work. Klara always seems to be one step ahead of her boss with her unconventional methods, no matter what challenging situation they’re in. Also personally, she goes through a turmoil of surprises.

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Sibel & Max

© ZDF/Marion von der Mehden

Sibel and Max are both single parents and doctors working in a medical practice, located in the problematic area of Hamburg. Sibel, who has Turkish roots, can’t believe it when Max informs her that his 16-year-old daughter is expecting a child from Sibel’s 17-year-old son. Although they mutually blame each other for this situation, they both want to help their children master their challenging futures and personal beliefs. From now on, their lives will be filled with fear and emotional struggles, as well as friendship and happiness.
‘Sibel and Max’ is a TV series about the everyday madness of single parents and their turbulent personal and professional lives. Together they try to work out cultural differences in and around the practice, solving their medical cases and family troubles.
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München 7 (Munich 7)

© DasErste/Günther Reisp

The award-winning TV series by Franz Xaver Bogner about two policemen from the fictional 7th Munich precinct is both comedic and kind. The so-called “Sheriff of Marienplatz” Xaver Bartl, the deserted ex-criminal Felix Kandler and their colleagues take care of the city’s gangsters in the center of Munich. Indeed the focus is not on murder, homicide or criminal cases in general, but on the extraordinary cases of the protagonists’ every day’s life and misunderstandings of human relationships in the Bavarian metropolis. And also the private life of the unequal couple is quite turbulent, not least because of womankind.
‘München 7’ is a police series produced since 2004. By now  5 seasons were shot and broadcast on DasErste. The setting is located around Munichs most popular sights, Viktualienmarkt and Marienplatz. Director Franz Xaver Bogner also gained some of the most popular Bavarian cabaret artists as Monika Gruber and Luise Kinseher to play part in the production.
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Morden im Norden (Murder in the North)

© DasErste/Georges Pauly

In the beautiful north of Germany, behind Lübeck’s respectable façade of Gothic pride and rich history, a team of investigators tries to solve brutal and suspicious murder cases. Detectives Finn Kiesewetter and Lars Englen are facing great challenges, not only in solving these cases but also in the emotional turn of events related to their investigations.
‘Murder in the North’ focuses on emotional and psychological murder motives, which involve personal drama, often in family-, friendship-, and love constellations. The setting is located in the most beautiful Hanseatic provincial city near the Baltic Sea, offering the audience a unique regional atmosphere. 
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