ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
Foto: Intaglio Films
TV Series | Thriller

The Swarm

The story tells of nature's rebellion against human intervention • It is a global story set in the depths of the different oceans and the neighboring countries • The antagonist is a collective intelligent species called Yrr

Foto: ZDF/Stephanie Kulbach
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Die Bergretter (season 12)

2020 seven new episodes will be produced.

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Foto: ZDF/Mike Kollöffel
TV Series | Crime Thriller

The Sommerdahl Murders

starting September 20th, 2020 on ZDF

Foto: Studiocanal / Julia Terjung
Movie | Drama

Das schweigende Klassenzimmer

Free-TV premiere: October 13th, 2020 at 8.15 pm on ZDF

A film by Lars Kraume - It tells a deeply moving chapter in the Diary of the Cold War, based on the personal experiences and same named book by Dietrich Garstka.

Johannes Pollmann produces for ndF

We are glad to introduce a new addition to our producers’ team. As of 1 July, Johannes Pollmann is working for ndF Hamburg.

"Der Alte" - finished season with great market share!


On average, 6.31 million viewers watched the 8 new episodes from March 20. until 8 May 2020 for a market share of up to 19.3%. Shooting for new...

ndF joins Bravado Fiction

Shareholding in Brussels-based production company headed by Jan Theys