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Foto: ZDF/Oliver Vaccaro
TV Movie | Crime Thriller

Das Quartett - Dunkle Helden

"Dunkle Helden" is the title of the 4th movie of the series "Das Quartett" with Anja Kling, Annika Blendl, Shenja Lacher und Anton Spieler in the leading roles. Director was again Vivian Naefe. 

Foto: Julia Terjung / Warner Bros. Pictures
Movie | Family Drama

Mein Sohn

"The Swarm" - Shooting finished!

The final shot of the international ZDF co-production "The Swarm” has been taken at the end of September. The filming in Rome and Brussels of the...

"Der Feind meines Feindes" - shooting finished!

Directed by Marcus O. Rosenmüller, this thriller was created in Piedmont with Hans Sigl in the leading role. It is the continuation of the story of...

GRIMME AWARD 2021 "Wir wären andere Menschen"

This movie, produced by Akzente Film, directed by Jan Bonny, is the winner in the ctegory Fiction of the 57th Grimme Award!