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Foto: MDR/Tom Schulze
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Der Ranger - Paradies Heimat

As a ranger in the Canadian Forests, Jonas Waldek (Philipp Danne) has gained a lot of experience in recent years. He returned to his hometown Wehlen and the Saxon Switzerland National Park and is now working with his new colleagues to ensure the preservation of this unique landscape and wildlife. A constant tightrope act between nature conservation and economic interests. Jonas lives with his mother Monika (Heike Jonca), his sister-in-law Rike (Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl) and her son Lukas (Valentin Wessely) in a yard with attached sawmill, which the two women have been leading together since the death of Jonas brother Frank. How long this will still be possible, is unsure. The business man Karl Nollau (Matthias Brenner), is a serious contractor both professionally and privately ...

But Jonas gets surpisingly a good support by the attractive behavioral biologist Emilia (Liza Tzschirner). Attracted by a wolf being sighted in the area, she is assisting Jonas in maintaining the preservation zones in the National Park. Soon, Jonas can not and will not renounce Emilia's help and hopes that both - the wolf and Emilia - will make Saxon Switzerland their new home.

Foto: © ZDF/Thomas Schumann
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Die Bergretter (season 10)

starting November 15th, thursdays at 8.15 pm on ZDF

Jubilee for "Die Bergretter" ("Mountain Rescue"): In the tenth season, Mountain Rescue Manager Markus Kofler (Sebastian Ströbel) and his team are once again pushing the limits of their physical strength and technical possibilities to help sufferers.

Foto: ZDF/Roland de Francesco
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Der Bergdoktor (season 12)

The 12th season of the succesful TV-Serie is in production untill December 2018. Seven new movies will be shooted and they will be on screen appr. at the beginning of 2019!

Foto: DasErste/Georges Pauly
TV Series | Crime Thriller

Morden im Norden (season 5)

When Sven Martinek and Ingo Naujoks are called as the Lübeck Commissioners Kiesewetter and Englen, it is already too late for many victims. Then it is up to the two investigators to find culprits together with their dedicated team. They receive support from Julia Schäfle as Nina Weiss, Veit Stübner as Mr. Schröter and Proschat Madani as prosecutor Dr. med. Hilke Zobel. As of April 9th, this team will again investigate Mondays at 18:50 on DasErste in "Morden im Norden"
The 5th season of the series goes on air with 16 new episodes.

"The Sommerdahl Murders" - ZDF joins as co-production partner

ZDF joins Dynamic Television, Sequoia and ndF on the co-production commissioned by Danish broadcaster TV 2.

"Tiger Milk" - Best International Feature - Nordic International Film Festival 2018

Ute Wielands coming-of-age movie "Tiger Milk" won the Best International Feature Award at this years Nordic International Film Festival

The Swarm

Intaglio Films and ndF International Production unleash environmental thriller “THE SWARM” for ZDF