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Foto: ZDF/Roland de Francesco
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Der Bergdoktor (season 12)

The 12th season of the succesful TV-Serie is in production untill December 2018. Seven new movies will be shooted and they will be on screen appr. at the beginning of 2019!

Foto: DasErste/Georges Pauly
TV Series | Crime Thriller

Morden im Norden (season 5)

When Sven Martinek and Ingo Naujoks are called as the Lübeck Commissioners Kiesewetter and Englen, it is already too late for many victims. Then it is up to the two investigators to find culprits together with their dedicated team. They receive support from Julia Schäfle as Nina Weiss, Veit Stübner as Mr. Schröter and Proschat Madani as prosecutor Dr. med. Hilke Zobel. As of April 9th, this team will again investigate Mondays at 18:50 on DasErste in "Morden im Norden"
The 5th season of the series goes on air with 16 new episodes.

The Swarm

Intaglio Films and ndF International Production unleash environmental thriller “THE SWARM” for ZDF