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TV Series | Thriller

The Swarm

The story tells of nature's rebellion against human intervention • It is a global story set in the depths of the different oceans and the neighboring countries • The antagonist is a collective intelligent species called Yrr

Foto: ARD/ARD Degeto/MDR/ndF/Tom Schulze
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Der Ranger - Paradies Heimat (Film 5+6)

Early 2021 "Der Ranger" will be back on screen with 2 new movies.

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Foto: ZDF/Stephanie Kulbach
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Die Bergretter (season 12)

5 new, spectacular movies - thursdays at 8.15 pm on ZDF.

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Foto: ZDF/Oliver Vaccaro
TV Movie | Crime Thriller

The Quartet 2

12/12/2020 on ZDF - "Das Quartett - Das Mörderhaus" - the second film of the new saturday-crime-series with Anja Kling, Annika Blendl, Shenja Lacher and Anton Spieker.

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Foto: DasErste/Georges Pauly
TV Series | Crime Thriller

Morden im Norden (season 6)

New episodes - mondays at 6.50 pm on DasErste

Morden im Norden - successful re-start!

3,1 mio. viewers and a marketshare of 11,3% is a great start for the new season of "Morden im Norden"

Mondays at 6.50 pm on DasErste 


"Die Bergretter" - new season starts on november 12th on ZDF

The 12th season of the succesful series about Markus Kofler and his team of the mountain rescue in Ramsau will be on screen soon. 5 new episodes will...

Johannes Pollmann produces for ndF

We are glad to introduce a new addition to our producers’ team. As of 1 July, Johannes Pollmann is working for ndF in Hamburg.