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Foto: ZDF/Stephanie Kulbach
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Die Bergretter (season 12)

8 new episodes will be produced in 2020. The shooting just begun.

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Foto: ZDF/Mike Kollöffel
TV Series | Crime Thriller

The Sommerdahl Murders

Foto: ZDF/Erika Hauri
TV Series | Crime Thriller

Der Alte (ep. 428-435)

Foto: DasErste/Georges Pauly
TV Series | Crime Thriller

"Morden im Norden" (season 7)

Foto: ZDF/Andrea Leichtfried
TV Series | Family Entertainment

"Der Bergdoktor" (season 13)

"Der Bergdoktor" is back on screen - Thursdays at 8.15 pm on ZDF. 

Foto: DasErste/Georges Pauly
TV Series | Crime Thriller

Morden im Norden (season 6)

"Der Bergdoktor" - Shooting of the new Winterspecial "Mooserhof"

Untill the end of february, the shooting of the new "Winterspecial"-movie of the series "Der Bergdoktor" takes place in Ellmau and surroundings. The...

"Um Himmels Willen" - Season 19 is on screen

The 19th season of the succesful series is now on screen - tuesdays at 8.15 pm on DasErste. 13 new episodes with Fritz Wepper als mayor Wöller, Janina...

"Der Bergdoktor" - spectacular start in season 13!

On January 9th, the first episode of season 13 was screened. In Germany, 7,12 Mio. specatators joined it and that meant a market share of 22,4 %!...