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Foto: ARD Degeto / ndF International Production / Les Gens /Gardner & Domm (De Mensen group) / France.tv studio / Sofie Gheysens
TV Series | Crime Thriller

Sophie Cross - Dangerous Dunes

Starting May 23rd, sundays at 9.45 pm on DasErste. Streaming starts at May 21st on ARD-Mediathek.

Foto: ndF International Productions / Intaglio Films
TV Series | Thriller

The Swarm

The story tells of nature's rebellion against human intervention • It is a global story set in the depths of the different oceans and the neighboring countries • The antagonist is a collective intelligent species called Yrr

Foto: DasErste/Barbara Bauriedl
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Um Himmels Willen (season 20)

Die 20th and final season of the succesful series "Um Himmels Willen" will be on screen in spring 2021.

Foto: ZDF/Erika Hauri
TV Series | Crime Thriller

Der Alte (episode 436-442)

Foto: ZDF/Stefanie Leo
TV Series | Family Entertainment

Der Bergdoktor (season 14)

With eight new episodes, "Der Bergdoktor" starts on January 14th in his 14th season! Exciting, often very moving medical cases are from Dr. Martin Gruber and his colleagues Kahnweiler and Vera Fendrich to cope with. But Martin is also facing great turbulence in his private life, but all he really wants to do is marry his Anne ...

Foto: DasErste/Georges Pauly
TV Series | Crime Thriller

"Morden im Norden" (season 7)

Mondays at 6:50 pm on DasErste

ZDF Enterprises and ndF establish a joint venture

The FictionMagnet Produktions GmbH will develop and produce fictional TV formats for ZDF.