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TV Movie | Drama | 1 x 90 min.

We would be different

Rupert Seidlein (Matthias Brandt) was a twelve year old boy, when he had to watch how his parents and his best friend were shot by two police officers. As an adult, he returns with his wife Anja (Silke Bodenbender) in the village of his childhood, to take revenge. No sooner Rupert has moved into his parents' house, the now retired police chief is found dead in the lake. Did the non-swimmer drown or did someone kill him? The rumors in the village seethes. As soon as the bodies of police officer Bäumler (Paul Fassnacht) and his wife Rose (Rike Eckermann) are found, Rupert comes under the spotlight of Commissioner Wackwitz (Andreas Döhler).

Friedrich Ani and Ina Jung wrote the screenplay for the ZDF crime drama which was shooted with the working title "Endlich Leben" in the Cologne area. Jan Bonny directed the 90-minute film with Matthias Brandt, Silke Bodenbender and Manfred Zapatka in the leading roles.


Matthias Brandt, Silke Bodenbender, Manfred Zapatka, Andreas Döhler, Paul Faßnacht, und andere
Jan Bonny
Friedrich Ani, Ina Jung
Gabriele Heuser
Executive Producer
Susanne Freyer
Judith Fülle
Production Management
Ilja Leptihn
Line Producer
Frank Hechler
Jakob Beurle
Stefan Stabenow

Prodcution Data / Facts

TV Stations
Köln und Umgebung
Shooting Period
Juli/August 2018
TV Premiere
August 2020