ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
TV Series | Thriller | 8 x 45 min.

The Swarm

Intaglio Films and ndF are producing a new high-end series based on the multi award winning novel DER SCHWARM by Frank Schätzing.

The global environmental thriller follows the premise that for years, mankind has been looking up into the stars for the search of another intelligent race. But what if, all this time, they have been looking into the wrong direction? Anomalies and unnatural behavior of marine animals are causing upheaval all over the world. A Peruvian fisherman is kept underwater by a swarm of dorados. Millions of unknown worms suddenly appear on the bottom of the North Sea, drilling their way through frozen methane, threatening to destabilize the entire continental shelf. Swarms of mussels stop large vessels from maneuvering. Toxic jellyfish, lobsters and whales start attacking human beings along the ocean costs of the world.

That’s when a global group of scientists and military will come together in one of the biggest challenges mankind has ever faced. Eventually they will figure out we are not the only intelligent species on this planet. Deep down at the bottom of the unknown sea resides a collective intelligent species who has decided to fight back after all the years we caused harm to their living space.


Chris Lunt, Michael Walker, Steve Lally, Gemma Hurley
Executive Producer
Eric Welbers, Frank Doelger
Charlotte Groth, Friedemann Goez
Line Producer
Frank Buchs, Mark Huffam
Robert Sterne
Public Relations

Prodcution Data / Facts

TV Stations
ZDF, France TV, and others
Intaglio Films, Fiction Magnet GmbH
Shooting Period
est. spring 2021
TV Premiere