ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
TV Series | Thriller | 8 x 45 min.

The Swarm

The ndF and Itaglio Films are producing a new high-end series based on the award-winning novel “The Swarm” by Frank Schätzing.

After years of reckless environmental pollution and unstoppable climate change, a mysterious force rises from the bottom of the sea using ocean creatures to declare war on humankind. While society threatens to collapse under the attacks, the fate of our world lies in the hands of a group of scientists who need to detect the source of the attacks and their true nature. Before it is too late.


Chris Lunt, Michael A. Walker, Steve Lally, Gemma Hurley, Marissa Lestrade
Executive Producer
Eric Welbers, Frank Doelger
Charlotte Groth, Friedemann Goez
Line Producer
Frank Buchs, Mark Huffam, Ute Leonhardt
Public Relations

Prodcution Data / Facts

TV Stations
ZDF, France TV, and others
Shooting Period
est. summer 2021
TV Premiere