ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
TV Series | Crime Thriller | 4 x 90 min.

The Sommerdahl Murders (season 2)


After the outstanding success of the Danish premiere of season 1 of the series, the filming of 4 new films in German-Danish co-production started in early July 2020. The film will be shot again in Helsingør, Denmark, based on Anna Grue's successful novel series “Dan Sommerdahl” (published by Piper Verlag). Season 1 will be broadcast on ZDF in autumn 2020.
Detective Dan Sommerdahl works alongside his wife Marianne and his best friend Flemming, whom he has both known ever since school days, at the police station of his hometown Helsingør. While Dan and Flemming investigate amid the small town on the coast of Denmark, they are accompanied by Marianne as chief of forensics – together they form an (almost) inseparable trio. But their relationship and cooperation quickly get complicated, when Marianne wants to separate from Dan in the beginning of the series.
As beautiful and seemingly peaceful Denmark’s coastline may be, there are murder cases that require intuition and expertise despite all personal issues…


Peter Mygind, Laura Drasbæk, André Babikian, Lotte Andersen, Mathias Käki, Peter Gantzler, Laura Kjær, und andere
Carsten Myllerup
Lolita Bellstar
Wolfgang Feindt
Executive Producer
Matthias Walther, Janni Helleskov (Sequoia), Jan Bennemann (Dynamic Television)
Bo Tengberg
Production Design
Peter de Neergaard

Prodcution Data / Facts

TV Stations
ZDF, TV2 Denmark
Sequoia Global Alliance, Dynamic Television, ndF mbH
Helsingør (Denmark)
Shooting Period
Juli - Oktober 2020
TV Premiere
ab 27.2.2022 im ZDF