ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
TV Movie | 2 x 120 min.

Deckname Luna (Code Name Luna)

This thrilling Event Two-Parter is about 60s rocket research, Cold War and the abyss of East-West-German spying. Ute Wieland elaborately orchestrated the scripts by Monika Peetz and Christian Jeltsch. The cast with Anna-Maria Mühe, Götz George and Heino Ferch is quite prominent.

1961 – President Kennedy proclaims the space race to the moon between the two super powers USA and Soviet Union. Meanwhile in Rostock young welder Lotte Reinhardt is dreaming of becoming a cosmonaut as her great idol Juri Gagarin. Lotte’s doubts about the DDR system rise as Berlin Wall is being built and she joins a resistance group. After a clutch of incidents the Stasi arrests her innocently for murder. She successfully escapes to Augsburg in West Germany, but soon Stasi Officer Moll finds and blackmails her to spy at her grandfather, Professor Arthur Noswitz, who – after his risky escape from the Soviet Union – is developing new rocket engines for the BRD. But also West Germany’s secret service BND is accurately observing the research team around Lotte and Noswitz in order to reveal a yet undetected russian spy …

‘Deckname Luna’ is a historical TV movie in two parts about the protagonists’ scientific, social and personal conflicts in times of Cold War. It was shot 2011 at several locations in Germany and Poland and broadcast in November 2012 on ZDF.


Anna Maria Mühe, Götz George, Heino Ferch, Maxim Mehmet, Andreas Schmidt, Peter Lerchbaumer, Christian Näthe, Kirsten Block, Uwe Preuss, Ludwig Trepte, Stefanie Stappenbeck, Rike Dummin, Nikola Kastner, und andere
Ute Wieland
Christian Jeltsch, Monika Peetz
Klaus Bassiner, Matthias Pfeiffer
Executive Producer
Susanne Freyer
Junior Producer
Judith Fülle
Production Management
Holger Härtl
Line Producer
Thomas Bretschneider
Peter Przybylski
Production Design
Frank Polosek
Elena Wegner
Dunja Campregher
Oliver Biehler
Public Relations

Prodcution Data / Facts

TV Stations
ndF mbH
Deutschland, Polen
Shooting Period
10.8. bis November 2011
TV Premiere
5. und 8. November 2012