ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
TV Movie | Drama | 1 x 90 min.

The Chosen Ones

An affecting film about Odenwald School and the shocking revelation of cases of child abuse, that hit the headlines in 2010. The film was directed by Christoph Röhl, who already did the much-noticed documentation “Und wir sind nicht die Einzigen” (And we aren’t the only ones). The setting was located at original scenes, supported by present-day‘s Odenwald School. The main part of the head teacher Simon Pistorius was played by Ulrich Tukur. At his side, Julia Jentsch as the young and highly committed teacher Petra Grust. The multi-honored TV movie was shot in summer 2013, premiered at Munich Film Festival and broadcast on DasErste the following year.

Prizes and nominations:

nominated for PRIX EUROPE 2014
GOLD WORLD MEDAL - New York Festival 2015

Nomininations for Leon Seidel:
Günther-Strack-Fernsehpreis 2015
Deutscher Schauspielerpreis 2015

The Trailer is  


Julia Jentsch, Ulrich Tukur, Lena Stolze, Leon Seidel, Johanna Gastdorf, Béla Gabor Lenz, Julien Wolff, Leopold Klieeisen, Stella Holzapel, Adam Bousdoukos, Christian Friedel, Rainer Bock, Peter Lerchbaumer, und andere
Christoph Röhl
Sylvia Leuker, Benedikt Röskau
Dr. Götz Schmedes, Roman Klink
Executive Producer
Hans-Hinrich Koch
Production Management
Ingo Preuß
Line Producer
Thomas Bretschneider
Peter Steuger
Production Design
Erwin Prib
Vessela Martchewski

Prodcution Data / Facts

TV Stations
WDR, ARD, Degeto
ndF Berlin GmbH
Heppenheim, Frankfurt
Shooting Period
TV Premiere
03.07.2014 Filmfest München, 01.10.2014 um 20.15 Uhr im Ersten