ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
TV Series | Family Entertainment | 13 x 45 min.

For heaven's sake (season 15)

Mayor Wöller is compelled to do 100 hours of community service. He passes his penalty at the convent, where he accidentally finds a forgotten cave with ancient cave paintings. Why not making money out of his discovery through tourism? But therefore the community has to buy the convent. Chances are not too bad as the financial situation of the order is a disaster. Sister Hanna and her fellow sisters are fighting to save their Convent Kaltenthal by all available means.


Janina Hartwig, Fritz Wepper, Nina Hoger, Emanuela von Frankenberg, Karin Gregorek, Denise M'Baye, Mareike Lindenmeyer, Andrea Sihler, Horst Sachtleben, Andrea Wildner, Lars Weström, Wolfgang Müller, Andreas Wimberger, und andere
Helmut Metzger, Dennis Satin
Michael Baier, Jürgen Werner
Jana Brandt, Sven Döbler
Executive Producer
Claudia Sihler-Rosei
Jochen Zachay, Siegfried B. Glökler
Production Management
Moritz Hansen
Line Producer
Thomas Bretschneider
Franziska Aigner

Prodcution Data / Facts

TV Stations
MDR für Das Erste
ndF mbH
München, Landshut und Umgebung
Shooting Period
Mai bis November 2015
TV Premiere
ab 19. Januar 2016 im Ersten