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Serie: For Heaven's Sake

Serie: For Heaven's Sake

For 20 years, Mayor Wolfgang Wöller (Fritz Wepper) and the nuns of the local convent in the tranquil Bavarian town of Kaltenthal provided great entertainment and excellent ratings.
In the early years, he squabbled with Sister Lotte (Jutta Speidel), then with Sister Hanna (Janina Hartwig) and her fellow nuns. While the sisters always focused on the well-being of the people, Wöller saw more the big picture, the economic well-being of the community and, above all, his great opportunity to occupy a special place in the history books of the city.

Episodes | Specials​

For Heaven’s Sake (season 20)

Mayor Wolfgang Wöller (Fritz Wepper) and the nuns of the Magdalene Order, especially Sister Hanna (Janina Hartwig) never tire of fighting for the well-being of

Um Himmels Willen (season 19)

The 19th season of the popular and successful series is on screen again since January 7th, 2020. Mayor Wöller and the nuns of the monastery

For Heaven’s Sake (Season 18)

The 18th season of the famous serie about the bavarian city Kaltenthal with its major and his nuns will be on screen in spring 2019.

For Heaven’s Sake (season 17)

The shooting of season 17 started in May 2017 with Fritz Wepper as major Wolfgang Woeller, Janina Hartwig as sister Hanna and Nina Hoger as

For Heaven’s Sake (season 16)

Kickoff for the 16th season of the popular TV series following the mayor of Kaltenthal Wolfgang Wöller (Fritz Wepper), Sister Hanna (Janina Hartwig), her Mother

For Heaven’s Sake (season 15)

Mayor Wöller is compelled to do 100 hours of community service. He passes his penalty at the convent, where he accidentally finds a forgotten cave