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ndF and Akzente Film brought in Tom Schlesinger for a writers’ workshop!

“New Visions in Storytelling – The Writer’s Room Experience” was the title of a two-day workshop offered by ndF and Akzente Film to invited guests during the Munich Film Festival.


Renowned American script coach Tom Schlesinger traveled to ndF’s headquarters in Unterföhring for this event. Numerous creatives from the fields of screenwriting, directing, and producing took the opportunity to embark on an individual hero’s or heroine’s journey with him and benefit from his extensive wealth of experience.


In a relaxed atmosphere, lectures and creativity exercises alternated to develop new strategies for story development, particularly for the genres of family drama and thriller. The leaders of ndF and Akzente Film view the numerous crises of our time as a challenge to the industry’s creatives to seek answers with exciting, new stories – New Visions – and to focus these new visions on what connects us as people and as a society.


Tom Schlesinger’s vast experience and his ability to convey complex relationships in an entertaining and understandable manner enabled participants to enjoy a creative break amid the hustle and bustle of the film festival. This resulted not only in exciting new ideas but also in valuable new networks. ndF and Akzente have invited participants to this type of new collaborative work for the second time, and given the overwhelmingly positive feedback, they hint: this was not the last time!