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Gipfelstürmerinnen (The Alpinists)

Gipfelstürmerinnen (The Alpinists)

The six young alpinists, Luisa Deubzer (29 years old), Amelie Kühne (21 years old), Lea Luithle (24 years old), Caro Neukam (26 years old), Janina Reichstein (24 years old) and Rosa Windelband (29 years old), are part of the female expedition cadre of the German Alpine Club and undergo comprehensive training in all disciplines of alpinism.

For a year and a half, the women are accompanied on ascents of 800-meter-high rock faces, ridge traverses and granite climbs – secured by self-set hooks in sometimes crumbly ground. Always with them on their backs is the 20-kilogram equipment.

On tours that are impossible to climb, weather turns and undeveloped rocky slopes, the ambitious female climbers learn to act as a team, to make decisions and to trust each other, so that in the end they can repeat a grueling route in Pakistan or dare a first ascent in Greenland – and climb the route freely.

Challenges that the women can only overcome together…

© DAV/Laura Tiefenthaler



Luisa Deubzer, Amelie Kühne, Lea Luithle, Caro Neukam, Janina Reichstein, Rosa Windelband



one and a half years

First Broadcast

November 12, 2023, 5:10 p.m. on ZDF


50 Minutes