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DIE KLEINEN BRÜDER and NDF HAMBURG announce co-production

Hamburg, June 26, 2023 – KLEINE BRÜDER and ndF Hamburg have announced their cooperation to produce an extraordinary feature film.


The movie is based on a concept by Kleine Brüder and will unite the regional setting of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with comedic and science-fictional elements – an explosive mixture of migration conflicts and fears of the future as well as friendship, love, and homeland.


Filming is scheduled to start at the end of 2024.


„After the first meeting we were already convinced of this cooperation and the arising opportunities to realize our creative vision in collaboration”, states MAX MATTIS, Head of Production and managing director of KLEINE BRÜDER. “We do love this mixture of action, thrilling content, visual effects, and humor, that meld in this story. Having ndF Hamburg as our associate, we do not only have a partner to share our passion for this movie but, furthermore, receive competent and proficient support. This is going to be mind-blowing!“ „You have not seen anything like this in Germany, it will be groovy and extremely funny!”, adds OSKAR BELTON, co-executive manager and director of Kleine Brüder.


„We are very pleased about this cooperation”, says MATTHIAS WALTHER, head of ndF. “The creative spirit of Kleine Brüder is fun to watch and impressed us instantly. Emil, Oskar, Bruno, Leo, and Max want to tell an unforgettable story that makes the audience laugh and think at the same time – which we find amazing! This project unites two production companies from Hamburg that have complemented one another from the very beginning.”



At the end of 2020, Bruno Alexander, Max Mattis, Leo Fuchs as well as Emil and Oskar Belton established the movie production company Kleine Brüder. All of them being lateral entrants, they were responsible for direction, filming, montage, and production of the project “Die Discounter” (The discount store workers) on behalf of Pyjama Pictures. Their motto: shooting instead of babbling. This do-it-yourself approach was confirmed as the first season turned out to be an unexpected success and became a cross-generational brand very quickly. Subsequently, season two aired in November 2022, and season three was shot this year. The first season of this mockumentary was nominated for the “Grimme-Preis” (Grimme award) and received the Ensemble award of “Deutscher Schaupielpreis” (German actors’ award) as well as the Bavarian Television Award “Blauer Panther” for the best series. Moreover, Emil and Oskar Belton and Bruno Alexander received a nomination for “DAfFNE”, the German Television Academy’s award, for best direction.

Kleine Brüder’s first own production, “INTIMATE.”, was published on the VOD platform Joyn in March 2023 and aired in April 2023 on ProSieben. Additionally, they recently finished shooting a new serial format on behalf of ARD, again in cooperation with Pyjama Pictures.


(c) Image Sonja Thomas