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“Murder in the north” (“Morden im Norden”) – ratings records, start of filming and series special

Lots of good news in one fell swoop about “Morden im Norden”. The 9th season of the series (Mondays, 6.50 p.m. on Ersten) achieved a market share of up to 16.8% (average 15.54%), setting a record for the time slot.
The 10th season with 12 new episodes is expected to be shown on DasErste starting in January 2024, and the 11th season is also already in the shootings. Sven Martinek, Ingo Naujoks, Julia E. Lenska, Jonas Minthe and their colleagues are currently shooting 14 new episodes in Lübeck, Hamburg and the surrounding area. And we are particularly pleased that a “Murden in the north” special is being produced. Under the working title “Unter Verdacht” (Under Suspicion), a 90-minute movie is being filmed that is expected to run in January 2024 during prime time on the German TV station “DasErste”.