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Thank you Fritz, for everything.

Fritz Wepper is dead. It is with great sadness, but also filled with deep gratitude for such a long, wonderful and successful collaboration, that we must now bid farewell. For 20 years, Fritz Wepper played Mayor Wolfgang Wöller in our series “For Heaven’s Sake”, who wanted to go down in the history books of his community of Kaltenthal with his deeds and works. Until the last day of filming on 20 December 2020, he filled this role with his great acting skills, which encompassed all facets, his joy of acting, which helped him overcome many a pain, and his wonderful humour, with which he often made us laugh.


Fritz Wepper has been in the history books of German film for a long time. He delighted audiences for decades in a wide variety of roles with his acting, which was characterised by his search for truthfulness, his wonderful charm and his exceptional comedic talent.


Thank you Fritz, for everything. It was an honour and a pleasure to work with you.


Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

(c) DasErste / Barbara Bauriedl