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The enemy of my enemy

The enemy of my enemy

“The enemy of my enemy” is linked to the thriller “Devil’s Valley”, which in 2019, with over 7 million viewers, achieved a market share of 23.8% when it was first broadcast in Germany.


Klaus Burg and his 18-year-old daughter Alina (Sofie Eifertinger) live in the witness protection program and have built a new, modest existence for themselves in a remote fishing village in Iceland. With Burg’s help, the LKA Bayern succeeded in breaking up a clan of the ‘Ndrangheta. But his explosive knowledge still makes the former lawyer a target: Burg had an insight into “La Carta”, the mafia’s top-secret economic records. When they discover the secret whereabouts of Burg, a killer squad plans to commit an assassination attempt on him and Alina. This is thwarted at the last second – by the surprising intervention of a mercenary team in the service of the charismatic self-made billionaire Gabriel Morales (Oliver Mommsen). And he now wants to meet Burg in Italy as soon as possible. Klaus Burg makes up his mind to accept the invitation of his unknown lifesaver – although he has to leave Alina in the care of the mercenaries on the Faroe Islands. When he arrives on Lake Maggiore, Morales makes him an unexpected offer.

© ZDF/Marco Piovanotto



Hans Sigl, Oliver Mommsen, Orso Maria Guerrini, Julia Stinshoff, Katharina Nesytowa, Karen Böhne, Sofie Eifertinger, Max von Pufendorf, und andere


Hans-Hinrich Koch

Associate Producer

Anna Neudert


Hans-Hinrich Koch


Marcus O. Rosenmüller

Director of Photography

Namche Okon

Commisioning Editor

Sylvia Lambri

Production Design

Valentina Ferroni


Ursula Danger, Teresa Razzauti


Melania Singer




First Broadcast

7. März 2022


1 x 90 min