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Um die 50

Um die 50

It has been more than 20 years since the six-part series “Um die 30” showed the life of the clique around Frank, Tina, Carlo, Carola, Sabrina and Olaf.
The audience was able to share the joys and sorrows of growing up with the six baby boomers – sometimes laughing, sometimes compassionately. Now the friends come together again on the occasion of Carola’s 50th birthday.
Even Tina travels from Paris, and although both are in solid relationships, there is a lot of spark between Frank and her again. Olaf is in financial problems – but, as always, finds an elegant solution: He speculates on stealing the house from his mother who lives in the old people’s home. Sabrina is completely upset. Her ex Lars, father of her son, makes life difficult for her. She and her partner Ellen come from Berlin to Munich to clear out the house of their deceased parents with her sister Tina. Only Carlo and Carola seem to have survived the years unscathed as a couple with three children. They seem like a happy family. But appearances are deceptive – there is rumbling behind the scenes.
In essence, they have all remained true to themselves. The problems today may be different, but everyone tackles them with their own passion. Have they grown up? “You don’t grow up, you just get older”, Frank already knew in “Around 30”.

© ZDF/Raymond Roemke



Dominic Raacke, Natalie Wörner, Susanne Schäfer, Jürgen Tarrach, Bruno Eyron, Catherine Flemming, Jule Böwe, Henny Reents, und andere


Susanne Freyer


Dominic Raacke, Ralf Huettner


Ralf Huettner

Director of Photography

Armin Golisano

Commisioning Editor

Jutta Kämmerer

Production Design

Debora Reischmann


An Dorthe Braker


Benjamin Kaubisch



Mai/Juni 2020

First Broadcast



1 x 90 min