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Serie: Mountain Medic

Serie: Mountain Medic

Dramatic and emotional stories centered around a mountain doctor in an idyllic Austrian alpine town near the Kaiser mountains.
It was never the intention of Martin Gruber MD to leave New York and return to his home town in the Alps. Though the years have passed and nowadays he certainly cannot imagine a different way of life. He has made peace with his family, including his resentful brother and the daughter he never knew he had. And in the medical challenges he encounters every day, there is the same excitement, adventure, and ultimately fulfilment he looked for abroad.

Episodes | Specials​

Mountain Medic – Season 17

Filming for the 17th season of the series has begun at the Wilder Kaiser in Tyrol. From May to December 2023, 8 new films will

Der Bergdoktor – season 13

Season 13 – now on screen!   The Gruberhof is saved and little by little something like everyday comes back. The new tenant, Anne Meierling,

Der Bergdoktor (season 12)

Die 12. Staffel der erfolgreichen Serie!   Dr. Martin Gruber muss nach dem Tod seines Freundes, Mentors und Kollegen Roman Melchinger in der Praxis einen

Der Bergdoktor (season 11)

After Bergdoktor Dr. Martin Gruber has separated from his girl-friend Rike and has clarified the fronts with his ex-girlfriend Anne, he could concentrate fully on

Der Bergdoktor – Hoehenangst

It should have been a relaxed Sunday for Martin Gruber. Until he meets Lisa Koch who has a high altitude suffering. The 7th winter special